National Direct Program Consultation Process

Volunteer West Virginia Time & Attendance Policy


The purpose of this process is to document staff actions for the Volunteer West Virginia AmeriCorps team during the National Direct (multi-state AmeriCorps) AmeriCorps Application Process. This consultation process will ensure appropriate distribution of AmeriCorps resources, eliminate duplication of effort among AmeriCorps members in the field and ensure collaborative relationships exist between and among national service program staff and members throughout West Virginia.

The Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act requires that any applicant proposing a multi-state AmeriCorps program (referred to as a National Direct program) consult with the State Service Commission in the state (or states) where they intend to operate an AmeriCorps program. Volunteer West Virginia sees the consultation process as a way to foster meaningful partnerships that will further promote the use of national service as an effective strategy to address unmet needs in communities throughout West Virginia.

Through the consultation process Volunteer West Virginia hopes to: 1) fully understand the breadth and scope of national service programs operating in the state; 2) help connect national programs to geographic areas of the state with little or no national service presence; and 3) effectively use limited resources for cross-stream collaboration, member training, and other events that will lead to increased public awareness of AmeriCorps national service in West Virginia.


To begin the process, National Direct applicants proposing operating and/or service sites in West Virginia will complete a the National Direct Consultation Survey available at


A PDF of the survey questions is available here.


This survey is due two weeks prior to the CNCS application deadline in January at the latest.


The AmeriCorps Program Officer at Volunteer West Virginia will:

1.       Confirm receipt of the consultation form to the submitting program via email and as any clarification questions as necessary.

2.       Submit email address of national direct program contacts to VWV Communications Coordinator for addition to our email distribution list.




Once a multi-state national direct program receives funding and member placement begins, program is asked to submit program contact information (local and national) to the VWV Executive Director (ED). The ED will ensure contact inclusion on our e-newsletter distribution list and engage national direct programs in feedback for training events, member projects and other potential collaborative projects. Post-award notification should occur within 30 days of member placement at a West Virginia site. 



Volunteer West Virginia expects that national direct programs operating in West Virginia will do the following:

·         Update Volunteer West Virginia on program achievements at least twice per year.

·         Inform Volunteer West Virginia immediately if any serious incidents involving AmeriCorps members occur in West Virginia. (Incidents involving the media, elected officials, grievances or investigations.)



·         Each year Volunteer West Virginia hosts an all-member Swearing-In. Members have the opportunity to network across programs and plan for service project collaboration with other members serving near their service site. National Direct members are invited to participate.

·         Volunteer West Virginia offers an optional Disaster Corps program in which members receive disaster training and are deployable resources in state (for no more than 5 days during the year). National Direct programs and members serving in-state may opt in to this program. All expenses for National Direct members would be incurred and paid by the national direct.

·         Volunteer West Virginia occasionally hosts cross stream national service events and training. National Director Program staff and members are invited to these events.

·         Volunteer West Virginia will maintain national direct contacts in our email distribution list and send regular agency updates via email.

·         Volunteer West Virginia holds at least three in-person AmeriCorps program staff trainings each year. National Direct program staff are invited to attend. Expenses would be incurred and paid by the national direct.