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BVC: Connecting the Private Sector to Volunteerism

“Volunteering is the heart of what makes West Virginia great, what makes our people great,” said Sam Cipoletti, co-founder of the West Virginia Business Volunteer Council with former West Virginia First Lady Gayle Manchin.  “It is certainly what will continue to move us forward.  West Virginians have a long tradition of helping our neighbors in time of need.  So many times people say, ‘I just wanted to help.’”  It’s that same caring attitude and willingness to pitch in that the BVC wants to encourage and build upon.

The West Virginia Business Volunteer Council is a membership organization open to private sector entities – including businesses, associations, labor organizations, and professionals – which promotes, coordinates and supports private sector involvement in volunteering in order to strengthen West Virginia communities and businesses.

The BVC is supported through a partnership with the WV Commission for National and Community Service, a state agency, and Volunteer West Virginia, Inc. a 501(c)3 non-profit.  The Commission provides staff support to the Council and some financial resources through the state budget.  Volunteer WV Inc. is the fiscal agent.  This three-pronged partnership of the private sector, government, and non-profits is the approach that works to address our communities’ pressing needs.

Benefits to Businesses and Organizations

  • Mission and values gain higher community visibility.
  • Businesses and organizations can serve as leaders in the development of employee volunteer programs.
  • Businesses and organizations achieve greater public recognition as projects begin to affect serious social issues.
  • Businesses and organizations gain a greater understanding of the community and its needs, enabling better management of support resources.
  • Exchange of information with other workplace volunteer leaders provides for access to effective practices.

Benefits to Communities

  • The community is enhanced by the partnership of businesses and organizations working together to address social problems.
  • More private sector entities with volunteer programs mean an increased number of volunteers to address community needs.
  • Joint projects provide opportunities for small businesses to partner with others for community service.

Reasons for starting BVC

  • Network among community-minded peers
  • Increase company visibility through joint service projects
  • Share best practices on employee/retiree volunteer programs
  • Promote workplace volunteering
  • Provide opportunities for professional development
  • Learn about community service agencies and their need for private sector resources
  • Have a greater effect on social issues by forming community partnerships


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