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Welcome to Volunteer West Virginia!
West Virginia's Online Volunteer Matching Network

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Volunteer West Virginia! connects people who want to help with organizations who use volunteers to get things done in their communities. We are a clearinghouse for ways people can help each other and for information on volunteer training.

For Volunteers:
No matter your age, you can find meaningful ways to help in your own community or around the state. Explore volunteer opportunities that match your skills and interests, receive email about new opportunities in your area, find out how you can help in times of emergency, and even log your volunteer hours and donations (useful at tax time!)

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  • Volunteers look for volunteer opportunities abs record their hours, Click Here.
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  • Affiliate schools and busniesses track student or employee community service hours, Click Here.
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For Organizations:
As a Partner organization that uses volunteers in your work, you can recruit people with specific interests or skills. You can track the hours contributed by volunteers to your organization. You can publicize your volunteer training on our site. And you can access a message board, specifically for our partners, to share information and to facilitate the mobilization of volunteers and supplies in times of natural disaster or national emergency.

Click here for more detailed information on the Volunteer West Virginia program or here for information about the WV Commission for National and Community Service.

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